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Biden promises to donate 500 million doses of vaccine, enough US to get 3 injections
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Biden has pledged to donate an additional 500 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine and invite wealthy countries to work together to get 70 percent of the world's population vaccinated by September nextThug Lifeyear. Emphasize that vaccine donations must not be accompanied by political conditions. which is equal to the direct impact of China

An announcement made by President Joe Biden as he hosted a virtual meeting at the White House on Wednesday. making the total number of vaccines in the United States Pledged to donate 1.1 billion doses

Biden said from all promised numbers This means that for every dose of vaccine given to Americans, the United States has pledged to donate three doses to other countries, he said, adding that Washington has now shipped 160 million doses of the vaccine to 100 countries.

As for the newly announced 500 million doses of the vaccine, Biden said half will be Pfizer's vaccine. It will begin shipping to middle and low-income countries from January next year.

The White House chief also challenged the leaders of other wealthy nations. Take action to ensure that 70% of people in all countries around the world are vaccinated by September 2022, emphasizing that vaccine donations must not be politically conditioned. This is considered a blow to China, with the United States accusing the policy of vaccinating poor countries. to create political influence Washington has also faced similar allegations.

In addition, on Tuesday During Biden's speech at the United Nations General Assembly's first annual meeting since taking office, US President It also announced that America will inject $15 billion to fight the coronavirus that has killed 4.7 million people worldwide. Since the outbreak began in China in late 2019, the United States has remained the country with the highest number of infections and deaths in the world.

After Biden's speech, Spain announced at a United Nations meeting in New York that will donate 30 million doses of vaccine, just as Japan will donate 60 million doses

Wealthy countries are being criticized by the World Health Organization (WHO) over plans to boost vaccination for the general public. Even though there are many poor countries Even many frontline personnel fighting COVID-19 have not been vaccinated even once.
in the United States on Wednesday. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Pfizer's third dose of the vaccine for people 65 years of age or older and seniors with serious medical conditions. including those who work and are at high risk of infection

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